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Tuesday, December 9, 2008

NZ Herald Editorial on Question Time


Since then things appear to have deteriorated to the point that question time in the Clark years became merely sneering and nasty. The Prime Minister adopted a practice of pointedly turning and looking away from the Opposition leader while delivering dismissive responses to his questions. The advent of MMP may also be to blame. The House seemed to have a higher tone when members were addressed by their electorates rather than by name.


He would do well to encourage his new ministers to conduct themselves with dignity and decorum in the House. The Government's role is crucial to its conduct. Oppositions have to be aggressive and provocative, ministers need not reply in kind. Ministers have the advantage of status at question time, they should use it. A polite, restrained, factual answer to a politically-pointed question would be far more impressive on television than the tedious partisan exchanges of recent times.


Couple of points; since Helen Clark lost power some in the media have all of a sudden developed a spine and made some terse comments about her leadership.  The other day John Armstrong wrote that Helen pretty much told the truth and lied at the same time i.e. if she didn't like how a journalist interpreted her comments then she'd deny that she ever said it such was the mire surrounding her public statements. 

And now the Herald editorial bravely writes that Helen Clark was 'sneering and nasty' during Question Time.

News Flash!  We've known this for quite some time.  Your in-depth analyze is too little too late.

And what's annoying still is that the Herald is advocating that National's answers to questions should be 'polite, restrained, and factual'.  Well, I'd argue that was always going to be the case given that National Party rank and file aren't your standard battle harden union yobo who inhabit the Labour party.




"I'm the Treaty negotiations spokesman," Dr Cullen said.

"I have no intention of re-engaging in those areas."


What a cop out.  Dr. Cullen runs the books for nine years & this is all we get?
Well let me reassure you Dr. C, you won't be 're-engaging in those areas' ever again.

Very simply, it was the most partisan government since Sir Robert Muldoon's. And that partisan edge became very wearing.
NX-Files agrees. I come to realise that in terms of every day governance the whole left vs. right thing doesn't matter. John Key & Barack Obama are the new breed of politicians who aren't afraid to cross the politician divide to get the job done. Helen Clark was stuck in the old ideological mindset, another reason why she's been consigned to history..

He doesn't hold back.....
It's been an amazing, some would say, self-indulgent career for which we will pay for years to come. Many of the biggest losers in the end will be the same vulnerable people who attached themselves to Aunty Helen in the first place. She made them feel good for a time, but eventually they'll start to realise that Aunty came up short, and that the Fifth Labour Government cheated them. 

NX-Files agrees that Clark's administration was self-serving.  Programmes such as Working For Families and Interest Free Students loans are all very well and good in times of good economic weather, but when the chips are down these hugely expensive programmes become a burden on the state (not to mention a disincentive).  And because such programmes are popular, and ingrained, it would take a brave government to alter them.

There must have been a better way to distribute the economic spoils fairly that didn't burden future generations. 


As for Helen's social agenda – there's no disputing she had one.  I'm socially liberal so my annoyance with Helen with regards to her social agenda is how she framed the arguments.  I think she did a lot of damage with the anti-smacking bill even though her intentions may have been good.  I agree with the Civil Unions Bill but the way Helen played down the gay marriage issue seemed disingenuous considering what the bill actually did - why would a Labour Prime Minister shy away from arguing for equal rights?  However, I'm not convinced by the merits of the Prostitution law reform – and having Georgia Buyer shouting at the top of her lungs in parliament didn't do the bill any favours in my eyes.

But as Michael alluded to – it was Helen Clark's anti-man agenda that annoyed me the most.    


My hope for the Key lead National government is to promote tolerance & equal rights, but without introducing a plethora of nanny-state social legislation



The market share of Microsoft's Internet Explorer dropped under the 70% mark last month for the first time since Web metrics vendor Net Applications Inc. started keeping tabs on browsers, the company said today.

Source: Computer World

Hell, even I've stopped using Internet Explorer (I tend to use other microsoft products).  I now use Google Chrome with an add blocker called 'web washer'. 

Chrome is definitely heaps faster.

I tried IE8 beta 2, but it had too many bugs.  When the final version of IE8 is realised next year I'll give it another look. 

Message to microsoft - you are taking too long developing IE8.