Thursday, February 24, 2011

Commenting on the Standard.org.nz

Yesterday I was threatened with a ban.  For what you may ask – not for a personal attack, going off topic, posting dodgy links, or excessively disruptive comments – but for a breach of some policy about referring to the site rather than the author. 

Their policy section is actually quite an amusing read (http://thestandard.org.nz/policy/).  Especially the bit about computers being dumb – reminded me of the British comedy 'The I.T. Crowd'. 

I've been meaning to limit my commenting on The Standard, but I must be a sucker for punishment & have been quite active lately.  In spite of the occasional personal abuse, I quite like sparring with the lefties.  It helps to explore my thinking on issues, and can occasionally results in a change in my opinion.  

But alas, I'm taking a self-imposed break.  

Active political blogs thrive on debate.  As a far left blog The Standard attracts a lot of right wing trolls.  My comments were often provocative, & argumentative, but I was never a troll.  I think the moderators at The Standard would agree that an antagonist can make a comments thread more interesting.  But if people like me are being shunned, then who exactly is welcomed?  

Today The Standard has a post by QoT and she asks, "I'll wonder where all the good trolls have gone".  I presume by trolls she means people with opposing opinions.  The answer is they've probably been ban, abused, or threaten with a ban.  

As an aside, QoT is one of the few Standard commenters who is very abusive in the comments section.  Her rhetoric is so extreme I'm surprise even The Standard would go so low to offer her a guest spot.  What the rulers at The Standard fail to realise is that such shrillness is actually counter productive to their cause.  So while their posts succeed in making people on the right angry, non-partisan people would simply be turned off.  

I put a fair bit of thought into my final comment.  Actually made me quite sad writing it for some reason – I think in part because of the recent earthquake in Christchurch.  I just wasn't in the mood to battle with my fellow countrymen. 

Here's my post:  

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

The Govt. BMWs

The NZ Govt is replacing their three year old ministerial BMWs.

TVNZ's coverage of this story is predictably negative. http://goo.gl/9vGor

And worse still, they interview the twat from the 'Dog and Lemon' guide for
comment. I'm know my cars, & the guide is a lemon itself.

I supported Labour when they brought the Beemers, & I support National
upgrading them. In fact I'm rather surprised they've take so long given the
new models been out for a while.

1. The 730d is efficient on fuel, and is a quality car.
2. Government Ministers rack up a huge number of kms, so they need
something reliable with minimal maintenance requirements.
3. Status. Members of Parliament need something prestigious.
4. The old stock will be sold to off-set the cost of the new cars. Plus
the Beemers have good residual value.
5. Accounting. The old fleet was due for retirement.

Yeah, sure the initial cost is expensive. But given the Beemer's low
running cost & good residuals, the total cost for run the cars over three
years probably wouldn't be too different compared to a cheaper alternative.

Besides, the cost is nothing compared to the money the National govt is
saving us. Budget spend is down from $2.2 billion a year under Cullen, to a
spend of $800 million.

I look forward to see the new model BMW 730d out and about.

Monday, February 14, 2011


Lo and behold today I discover Kiwiblog now has a mobile version. http://m.kiwiblog.co.nz/. Sweet as.

Ironically I recently updated my mobile which has a decent mobile browser which could actually handle the full site. But nonetheless, I welcome the low-bandwidth version.

On the topic of Kiwiblog, when it comes to good humour Kiwiblog pwns TheStandard.org.nz any day of the week. Case in point is this post by DPF (http://www.kiwiblog.co.nz/2011/02/00.html). A good laugh can also be found in the comments section.

By comparison TheStandard.org.nz is seriously dour, like most leftie blogs. The psychology behind why the traditional left are so humourless is worth researching.

I watched the raw footage of Tony Abbott's much criticised conversation with a US general where he said 'shit happens'.

Tone & demeanour is everything. It was obviously to me that Abbott was referring to the perils of war.

Yet, lefties everywhere are insinuating he was referring to the loss of Australian life. I think you'd have to be pretty cynical to draw that conclusion.

A common practice among lefties is to villainise their opponents to almost cartoon-like dimensions. I'm not saying the right doesn't do this, but the left really take the cake. Even political debates are villanised i.e. the 'evil' rich & the downtrodden poor. Climate change accepters vs deniers, supports of anti-smacking & child beaters.

The hard-left are quick to use the words like hate, racist, and greedy to describe opposition – as if their arguments aren't strong enough to stand on their own. A rather convenient way of dismissing an opponent's arguments is to reduce them to something akin to evil. It's also selfish and egotistical to cast yourself in the role of the heroic crusader.

I find it ironic the left go to such extremes given their PC proclivities.

I'm interested to see whether this characterisation of Tony Abbott backfires.


I'm pleasantly surprised how the ALP have backed Tony Abbott. http://goo.gl/6uKe0

The Australian Labor Party are a different brew to the Labour Party run by Phil Goff.
It is more clear now than ever that the NZ Labour party needs to lose at least another couple of elections to restore humility and a moderate political deposition.