Monday, March 26, 2012

Classic 5th Labour Govt Lines


If you ever wanted a reminder of how the 5th Labour Govt operated, read the Kiwiblog link above.
Apparently no one in the government knew about the Tuhoe raids.

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Gower on Shearer


"Shearer is trying to be different to Phil Goff.
There's some spin going around that Shearer not wading into this is part of this image.
Yes, Goff would have jumped right in on this and got into the gutter if need be.
And like I said, I've got a bit of time for Shearer's anti-politician image."

I couldn't stand the way Phil Goff use to over-egg pretty much any issue he could use to his advantage complete with his simulated rage.  More often or not it would blow-up in his face.
And given Gower is known as a grade-A arsehole who's natural instincts are that of a political mongrel, I therefore think Shearer's response has been rather good.  But I suspect his colleagues maybe less than impressed.  

I was a fan of Dr Brash's mild manner apolitical style.  So if Shearer managers to emulate that then at least I'll like his style, if not his policies.


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"New Labour leader David Shearer is a republican who supports a new national flag".

David Shearer said this on the 17t of Dec 2011. 


He could hot have got off on a worse foot for me. 


For reasons I find hard to explain, but I like the flag & NZ's connection to the monarchy.