Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Fugative couple on MSNBC

The couple from Rotorua are making international headlines.

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A couple of friends of mine claim the fugative lady is awful and avoilded her service station for that very reason. So on that bases I hope they get caught!

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Stolen Emails: Some action at last

Labour and Dr Brash team-up and ask for the full version of the police report to be realised.  Good on Phil Goff.

Police Commission Howard Broad has assigned a senior investigating officer to undertake a full review of the Don Brash email case. 

"Mr Broad says Dr Brash's continued and public concern over the way the case was handled has the potential to undermine trust and confidence in the force."

^ ya think!  My opinion of the police has decline considerably due to their handling of this case.  This is New Zealand's 'Watergate' and deserves much great consideration.

This is what is at stake.

Dr Brash said there were important issues relating to every New Zealander's privacy and the integrity of our political system that deserved resolution.

"Everybody has a right to expect their correspondence will not be illegally intercepted or read by people it is not intended for."
In a democracy everyone had an interest in being assured that the police take such issues seriously, he said.

It's ironic the left are so quick to condemn Melissa Lee as a 'racist'.  By doing so they're playing the race card for political point scoring.
It's ironic that by laying into Ms. Lee to the extent they have may actually help her cause because people will sympathise for her and punish her opponents for going too feral. 
It's ironic the left are attacking Christine Rankin for marrying four times - a social conservative argument if there ever was one. 

I was emailed this by the Nats.  I think it's an indication of how serious the UK Conservative Party is about winning the next election when they're drumming up support from as far a field as New Zealand. 
The UK election must be held before June 3rd 2010
I've been following UK politics on and off, but have been pretty impressed by the Conservative leader David Cameron.  He has a nonchalant manner, and a disarming sense of humour.  Indubitably English - quite.
The 2009/10 UK general election is David's to loss. 
I find it interesting that just as America shifts left with Barak Obama, and a Democratic congress/senate, Europe moves to the right with Angela Merkel, Nicholas Sarkozy, .... and very soon David Cameron.  So America and Europe are still going to argue, but they've swapped arguments.  Take for example Sarkozy/Merkel's criticism of the Obama/Brown's economic stimulus plan. 

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Key Deals to Labour in the House

I enjoyed John Key's response to a point of order raised by Phil Goff in the House yesterday.  Mr Goff was complaining about Mr Key answering questions with what he termed 'irrelevant information'. 

Hon JOHN KEY: I raise a point of order, Mr Speaker. I remind the member that I gave him a yes or no answer. The answer was no, and from that point on there was an enormous noise coming from Opposition members. If they want to do that, they will continue to get dealt to because that is the way they are treating us.

Here here!