... with the matter of how we should respond to a vulnerable stranger in our midst. That is why the Government's proposal to . . . rely almost exclusively on the so-called Pacific Solution should be the cause of great ethical concern to all the Christian churches".
This same man now has Labor backing a Pacific Solution on steroids. Labor promises to send all boat people - mainly Muslim - to a poor, corrupt and violent country that bans homosexuality and unanimously passed a motion in Parliament to consider banning non-Christian faiths, too.
Could any Labor MP backing Rudd's plan today berate Abbott for being mean tomorrow to the "stranger in our midst"?
That Rudd's plan is already in tatters, less than a week later, will make Labor's objections to Abbott's plans seem even emptier."

This is where I usually fall in these kind of quizzes. 
On the American spectrum I fall on the democrat side of the spectrum.  But that's only because issues such as abortion and religion are political in the USA.
From a New Zealand perspective I'm usually on the centre-right.

John Key is near to being my perfect PM in terms of his political views.  He's socially liberal, economically conservative, doesn't want to ditch the monarchy or the flag, and runs a pretty unintrusive government.  He has a good sense of humour & isn't afraid to laugh at himself.  I really hope he's in power for at least another term. 








I really don't get why hard-core leftard activists support David Cunliffe.  Leftards are kidding themselves if they think this Harvard Business school graduate shares their economic philosophy.  Yet they seem to be susceptible to David's deliberate attempts to woo them. 


Just like when David C. stood on the bus to rant about John Key with custom messages for the audience he does the same thing with leftard activists - tells them what they want to hear. 


David C. maybe draping himself red these days but I still reckon he could comfortably sit on the National Party benches.




Indeed.  The reserve situation is true here.  John Key has put paid to the illusion propagated by the left-wing commentators that Helen Clark was some kind of great leader. 
John Key has simply pwned Helen Clark as a leader on all fronts.  This includes managing an MMP government and representing NZ on the world stage; things often perceived as Helen Clark's strengths.  Helen Clark's legacy would be looking a whole lot better if it weren't for the fact National achieved 47% at the last election & if the country wasn't still paying for her election commitments from 2005. 
However while Helen Clark's abilities were often overhyped by the media, the opposite is true for John Key.  But he is all the better for it. 

Thursday, May 31, 2012

An Idea for Shane Jones.

Become the new leader of the Maori Party. Both the Maori Party co-leaders are retiring at the end of this parliamentary term.

That's if the rumour is true that he's contemplating  quitting the Labour Party.


Monday, May 28, 2012

Labour's Leadership Options

Thinking back a few years ago Labour had plenty of seemingly able contenders for the top job.  Fast forward to 2012 & it's amazing how many of these candidates are now under a cloud.
  • Shane Jones; porn & 'cash for citizenship' scandal   
  • David Cunliffe; ABC (Anyone But Cunliffe).  And that's the Labour party caucus's feeling.  He's the Kevin Rudd of NZ politics.
  • Andrew Little;  Currently being sued for defamation.
  • David Shearer; The current Labour leader who's performing with mixed results.  Some on the left have already called for his head.
  • Phil Goff; Had his day - Mr. 27%.   
IMO the likely untarnished successors for the Labour Party leadership, ranked in order, are:
  • Grant Robertson
  • Jacinda Ardern
  • David Parker
Grant may have been a lacklustre shadow health spokesperson, but he's really proving his worth in his role as the new deputy Labour leader.  He communicates his lines very well.  When listening to David Shearer's clumsy Budget reply speech you could not help but think that Grant would be doing a far superior job.

Of the 'tainted' potential candidates I reckon Shane Jones would've made a strong Labour leader.  But with the current 'cash for citizenship' scandal he's beyond approach right now.

This made me angry; Trevor not only posted a photo of the lady who served him his court papers but also tries to demonize her for doing so. What was Trevor thinking? That it would garner him public support?

The NZ Labour party would be better off without Mallard. 


Monday, March 26, 2012

Classic 5th Labour Govt Lines


If you ever wanted a reminder of how the 5th Labour Govt operated, read the Kiwiblog link above.
Apparently no one in the government knew about the Tuhoe raids.

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Gower on Shearer


"Shearer is trying to be different to Phil Goff.
There's some spin going around that Shearer not wading into this is part of this image.
Yes, Goff would have jumped right in on this and got into the gutter if need be.
And like I said, I've got a bit of time for Shearer's anti-politician image."

I couldn't stand the way Phil Goff use to over-egg pretty much any issue he could use to his advantage complete with his simulated rage.  More often or not it would blow-up in his face.
And given Gower is known as a grade-A arsehole who's natural instincts are that of a political mongrel, I therefore think Shearer's response has been rather good.  But I suspect his colleagues maybe less than impressed.  

I was a fan of Dr Brash's mild manner apolitical style.  So if Shearer managers to emulate that then at least I'll like his style, if not his policies.


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"New Labour leader David Shearer is a republican who supports a new national flag".

David Shearer said this on the 17t of Dec 2011. 


He could hot have got off on a worse foot for me. 


For reasons I find hard to explain, but I like the flag & NZ's connection to the monarchy.