Friday, February 3, 2006

Owera and the Danes

Brash delivered his Owera III speech on the 1st. Before reading the speech myself, I read what Brash’s opponents thought of it. I don’t know what speech they heard but it didn’t sound anything like what I read.

I’ve also been following the news story about Muslim outrage over a cartoon of the prophet Muhammad printed in an independent Danish newspaper. Apparently it’s against Islamic law to draw Muhammad so the poor Danes have faced boycotts against Danish products, protests, embassy closures in Denmark, withdraw of ambassadors, and even threats against Danes abroad. If Muslims are offended by a silly satirical cartoon, just wait till a ‘South Park’ episode comes out.

I understand that Muslims are offended, but aren’t they taking it a bit too far? Printing a satirical cartoon is one thing, but burning the Danish flag in the middle of a street is on a whole new level.  There comes a point where the reaction out weighs the original offence.

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