Sunday, May 13, 2007

Carbon footprints......


  • Having just one bottle of beer after each working day costs the planet 120kg in greenhouse emissions each year.
  • mowing the lawn and odd jobs around the home produce almost 3.75 tonnes of emissions each year
  • Australian mothers juggling child-rearing responsibilities and housework pumped out more than four tonnes of emissions a year.
  • Using a leaf blower once a fortnight for 15 minutes to clear up the garden and driveway produces almost 8kg annually.
  • Mowing with a two-stroke fortnightly for 20 minutes burns 29kg each year and buying a sandwich every day accounts for 120kg, including the production and transportation of ingredients.
  • Daily computer use produces 240kg of greenhouse emissions each year and watching TV for four hours a week pumps out 46.8kg.
  • A sedan driven 40km five days a week spews out more than 2.7 tonnes of emissions. Taking the bus would slash that to 888kg.

Basically whatever we do produces carbon.  So instead of continually scrutinising auto and air travel perhaps the spot light should be shone on those hippies who buy sushi for lunch .