Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Editorial on the Greens

Editorial: Neglect may cost Labour:

A broader Green Party would build some conservation projects on private property rights and recognise the power of market forces to ensure resources are used sustainably. A party of that stamp would draw support from across the spectrum and could contemplate dealings with any government.

The Green Party needs to move out of left field and become a central player.

If I were to start my own political party, it would be a right-leaning environmental party.  It would encourage ethical buying i.e. the purchase of products which have an ethical objective e.g. carbon neutral, free range eggs, or made in NZed.  Either way it gives the individual the power to decide through the market.

It would give incentives for private individuals to restore environments with native flora using sound ecological principles.  I.e. Kahikatea corridor to allow for movement of native species.  Wetland restoration to purify water etc. 

It would rather put a billion dollars towards cleaning up our environment and helping to save the kiwi than give it to Russia through an emissions trading scheme. 

It would trust NZers to contribute their own money toward environmental causes therefore would advocate the lowest possible tax. 

It would promote and incentivise clean technology which includes nuclear.  It would develop a strategy for introduction of hydrogen cars - nuclear energy is the only efficient way to extract hydrogen from water (electrolysis).  Damming a river to power our cars would be ridiculous.

Just a few ideas Tongue out.