Wednesday, September 17, 2008



The Owen Glenn, Winston Peter, and Mike Williams saga is just one piece of a puzzle for which the picture has been quite clear for sometime now; Helen Clark owes her third term to acts of corruption. 

You don't have to be partial to conspiracy theories to realise this.  Lets see.....

- Labour stole $820,000 from the tax payer to fund a key component of their '05 election campaign.

- Labour broke the electoral spending cap - an act defined as a corrupt practice in the law.

- The Maori Party was offered $250,000 to side with Labour post '05 election.

- Labour's biggest donor gave $100,000  to Winston Peters early after the 2005 election to pay for his legal battles with National's Bob Clarkson and possibly even Rodney Hide.

- Labour and Winston Peters obtained copies of 100s of Don Brash's and National's email correspondence and released some of them at critical times during the '05 election campaign.  How they got them they won't say.

- Owen Glenn gave Labour a $100,000 interest free loan to help pay for Labour's '05 election overspend, a loan which Mike William initially denied.

- Labour arranged buses to take Mangere voters to the polls.  This in itself isn't corrupt (though taking advantage of the politically naive Pacific Islanders is hardly ethical), Labour's '05 Mangere candidate Philip Field is up for charges of corruption.  There has also been recent speculation that Labour bribed Mangere people KFC for votes!

- Well before the '05 election Helen Clark and Phil Goff broke an important convention and released MFAT notes take during a meeting between National and American senators.  They then used the 'gone by lunchtime' quote as an attack theme during the '05 election.

- Post '05 election Labour passed a law to make their illegal overspending legal. 

- Post '05 election Labour passed the radial Electoral Finance Act without even consulting opposition parties; a break in parliamentary convention of the worst kind.

- Post '05 election Labour has stacked the public service with their cronies; another serious break in parliamentary convention.

The above points are all fact and have been reported in the media.  They either show an abuse of power or outright corruption on Labour's part.   New Zealand is a small democracy with only one house of parliament and no constitution.  Conventions are what hold the place together, so to deliberately break them is very serious.

The facts are pretty damming, but I reckon there's more going on behind the scenes but can not be proven (yet).  For example. 

- Helen Clark won't fire Winston Peters because she not only knew about Glenn's donation to Winston Peters, but approved it.  In fact the donation may have been a condition of Winston's coalition deal with Helen.

It all adds up to the 2005 election being stolen from National and Don Brash.  And this is why I can't stand Helen Clark and why she has to lose the election on November 08/08.