Thursday, November 6, 2008

Loud Mouth Lefties

Chanting "bring on Mr Flip Flop", the unionists were outnumbered by those bearing National Party signs, but were the most vocal.
A general behavioural observation: Lefties tend to be more vocal than righties.  Rightie tend to be naturally restrained.  That is why I'm cynical about 'citizen juries' some politicans have proposed to help develop policy.  A townhall meeting invariably ends up being dominated by some loud mouth leftie with nothing better to do, little sense, and is well funded by a union. 
Though even righties have a breaking point:

One Labour supporter repeatedly asked Mr Key to "tell the truth" about the changes National would make to the Employment Relations Act.

Eventually Mr Key's frustration boiled over.

"The truth is you're an idiot," he yelled back.

Way to go Mr Key!