Unbelievable... a millionaire who eats at McDonald's!  I bet he up-sizes his meal even when he's not hungry. 

Millionaire businessman Sam Kelt has been charged with disorderly behaviour after allegedly kicking a boy racer's car in Hastings on Monday.
Kelt, 46, told the Dominion Post the driver had been attempting to run him down and he was astonished to be prosecuted by police.
He said a group of seven vehicles had sped past him around 10pm. As he crossed the road, headed for McDonald's , another car appeared and veered towards him.
"I had to jump out of the way to avoid being hit. It did a U-turn then came back toward me and veered at me again. Instinctively, and in self defence, I kicked it. That should tell you how close it was to me. It was incredibly dangerous."
Kelt will appear in Hastings District Court in December.
In 2006 Kelt suffered a fractured skull and eyesocket after being punched and kicked by a boy racer in Mt Maunganui.
He had stepped in front of the attacker's car to protest late night street racing.

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The US could do with more Conservatives like McCain's daughter.  Meghan is a member of the republican party but is not a social conservative. 
IMO the US of A is the one of the last bastions of social conservatism (in the West).  It's going to take a string of electoral defeats for the Republican party to slowly change.  In New Zealand the National party won Auckland in both 2005 and 2008 elections.  The Republican party should aim to win the popular vote in New York City. 

Meghan McCain, one of the daughters of former Republican presidential candidate John McCain, has apologized for using Twitter to post a picture in which she displayed an ample amount of cleavage.
McCain, whose Twitter handle is @mccainBlogette, describes herself as a "moderate" member of the Republican Party and has come out in support of such liberal causes as gay marriage.
The picture was deleted from Twitpic on Thursday afternoon.
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Effective Advertising...



Just as well I didn't vote for National purely on the bases of tax cuts.  Because the latest ACC levy raise and subsequent increases to petrol tax and vehicle registration fee pretty much cancels out the tax cut. 


The Sunday Star-Times understands the ACC levy for a family earning $38,000 is likely to rise by $304 a year, plus an extra $52 to register the family car and 4c a litre more at the fuel pump.

If the government chooses not to increase the ACC petrol excise, which is now 9c a litre, the ACC component of registering a car, now $168, will go up even more – possibly by as much as $107.

Someone on the average wage of $45,000 will pay $360 more a year to ACC, plus the extra fuel and vehicle registration costs. The ACC levy for those on $65,000 will go up about $520 a year while those earning $85,000 will pay $680 more.