I haven't updated this blog in a while, but this story deserves maximum exposure.
"The only reason that a major shift forward in NZ-US relations failed to materialise under Helen Clark was because the Labour Government
wished to utilise the anti-nuclear issue as an electoral weapon against
the resurgent National Party under Don Brash.''
^ This is obvious as it is now as it was back then.  The billboard says it all – Clark sacrificed NZ's relationship with USA for votes. 
Labour could use the USA in it's political games without fear because they're never going to bite back.  The world's only superpower is a democracy with many shared values with NZ & represents zero threat to our country.  At the end of the day, the US is the only thing keeping China & other aggressors at bay.  Which makes it all the more shameless for Labour to use them as a punching bag. 
Labour would never be so reckless with the China relationship given their propensity – but if they were they'd be safe in the knowledge the US would protect us.
The 2005 election is over 5 years ago now, yet Labour's appalling transgressions live on.  From Labour & Winston Peter's huge overspend (defined as a corrupt practice in the law), to the opportunistic abuse of the relationship with the USA. 
And to cap it off, New Zealand would not be borrowing $300 a week just to pay the bills if we had a Brash government.