Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Question Time - July 2011

The July season of Question Time has got off to a firey start - particularly Tuesdays session.   

I reckon Phil Goff has has lifted his game no doubt embolden by the knowledge of his new tax policy.  But how John Key responds is more interesting.  John not only rose to the challenge, but seemed to enjoy it.  

John's ability to shift-up a gear still seems to surprise an opposition which consistently underrates him.  Phil Goff's new found confidence and willingness to finally get realistic on some economic issues is welcomed.  Depending on the details, the proposed capital gains tax is the only Labour economic policy I'm sympathetic to. Just a shame it comes with a barrage of other stupid spending promises like no GST on fruit 'n veges.  Keep it simple Labour! 

The shouters on left-wing blogs, ever ready for a fight, maybe disappointed by the lack of opposition from right commentators.  In fact the real leftie activists may think it's a wrong move based purely on this - which shows what they're all about.  

If Phil does okay in the up 'n coming general election & keeps improving his performance, Labour would be wise to think twice before ditching him.  Goff's in-house performance may have improved, but his grasp of the facts certainly hasn't.  

He claimed that Labour never sold anyway assets during it's previous nine years in power.  Inexcusably wrong! 

He also claims that National turned Labour's nine years of surpluses into a $16.8 billion deceit as if Labour's policies had nothing to do with it.  I realise politics is about perception but you'd be on another plane of existence if you were to believe this.  Misrepresentations like this is one of the things I hate about politics.