Monday, May 28, 2012

Labour's Leadership Options

Thinking back a few years ago Labour had plenty of seemingly able contenders for the top job.  Fast forward to 2012 & it's amazing how many of these candidates are now under a cloud.
  • Shane Jones; porn & 'cash for citizenship' scandal   
  • David Cunliffe; ABC (Anyone But Cunliffe).  And that's the Labour party caucus's feeling.  He's the Kevin Rudd of NZ politics.
  • Andrew Little;  Currently being sued for defamation.
  • David Shearer; The current Labour leader who's performing with mixed results.  Some on the left have already called for his head.
  • Phil Goff; Had his day - Mr. 27%.   
IMO the likely untarnished successors for the Labour Party leadership, ranked in order, are:
  • Grant Robertson
  • Jacinda Ardern
  • David Parker
Grant may have been a lacklustre shadow health spokesperson, but he's really proving his worth in his role as the new deputy Labour leader.  He communicates his lines very well.  When listening to David Shearer's clumsy Budget reply speech you could not help but think that Grant would be doing a far superior job.

Of the 'tainted' potential candidates I reckon Shane Jones would've made a strong Labour leader.  But with the current 'cash for citizenship' scandal he's beyond approach right now.