Indeed.  The reserve situation is true here.  John Key has put paid to the illusion propagated by the left-wing commentators that Helen Clark was some kind of great leader. 
John Key has simply pwned Helen Clark as a leader on all fronts.  This includes managing an MMP government and representing NZ on the world stage; things often perceived as Helen Clark's strengths.  Helen Clark's legacy would be looking a whole lot better if it weren't for the fact National achieved 47% at the last election & if the country wasn't still paying for her election commitments from 2005. 
However while Helen Clark's abilities were often overhyped by the media, the opposite is true for John Key.  But he is all the better for it. 


Anonymous said...

I think all governments and oppositions should employ counsellors - like schools do. Counsellors can take aside those politicians who are not coping with their jobs - indulging in hubris, being self-indulgent, not working productively, not knowing what to do - or who do not have good communication skills (Conroy, Payne come to mind), and help and tutor them. This might enable the general public to get better value for their taxes.