Saturday, August 4, 2007

Economic strategy

From Bill English's conference speech:

"What is Labour’s plan for the economy? Here is Labour’s economic strategy, as described by Helen Clark last week.

She was asked if there was anything the Government wanted to do that it hasn’t done yet. She said: “It has taken time to work up the kitty for Working for Families. It has taken time to work up the kitty for interest-free loans and early childhood programme. So undoubtedly there will be areas we will build on for next time which will be new.”

So there it is – the economy is for Labour the way they build up the kitty for sweeteners, for giveaways in election years, using your money to buy your votes. Your money – they’ll be spending it."

I'd sacrifice my interest free student loan and Kiwi Saver (not that I've signed up yet) if gave me the freedom to keep more of my pay and spend it how I like.

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