Sunday, December 2, 2007

John Keys state of the nation speech


The new leader of the Nats is pushing all the right buttons so far. He’s a smooth operator which is in contrast to Dr Brash.

Although I’ve liked what John has said his speeches are full of feel good phrases and words used to appease the media and people with huge chips on their shoulders but doesn't really mean much. For example talking about ‘inclusiveness’ and ‘tangata whenua’ really means bugger all in the lives of everyday New Zealanders. It’s interesting to see Brash detractors warm to Key when all that’s change is the language rather than the policies – stupid if you ask me.

Anyway here's my favourite quote from John’s State of the Nation speech;

"For me, politics is not about the pursuit of power for the sake of it. Unlike some, I won't measure the success or failure of my political career by the number of years I hold office."

“You'll see this later today in Labour's response to this speech. A press release will come out listing a whole lot of programmes Labour has piloted and reviews it has introduced. It will tell you the cost of each of them.Well, I'm not interested in spending money simply to allow me to ease my conscience, look busy, or fend off attacks from the opposition or the media. I'm interested in results.”