"I've made it quite clear that I want to run an inclusive society and that means inclusive from an ethnicity and from a sexuality point of view."
^ If there were any doubts on where the National Party Leader stands on social issues - then John Key's attendance at the Big Gay Out should put to bed any hope of a social conservative agenda.
The thing is, John Key may personally harbour social conservative views, but if you run a government with the principle that people are individuals who can do as they like, then it doesn't matter what he really thinks. 
So with a socially liberal PM enacting a free market agenda with moderate government intervention - there is currently no point to vote for Labour.  John Key has got the mix just right - something Helen tried to do but failed because she was far more ideologically driven than Key.
Though some people are never happy: 

"....the Prime Minister's attention was welcomed by many but spurned by Julie Radford-Poupard, of Pt Chevalier.

She said he had a cheek to turn up - "because he didn't support the Civil Union Bill, a fundamental human right of our community - the queer community".

^ Radord-Poupard probably isn't prepared to give John Key a chance because she's intolerant of people from the political right - an ironic contraction for anyone claiming to be a liberal.