Friday, February 13, 2009

JK & GW on Facebook


^ Heh John Key has almost as many fans as George W. Bush on Facebook.


But consider this.  Dubba was President of a country with over 300 million people.  John Key is the Prime Minister of a country with just over 4 million people.


On a per capita basis John Key would be one of the most popular politicians on Facebook. 




Thursday, February 12, 2009

Dutch MP banned from entering the UK

"Dutch politician Geert Wilders says he's flying to Great Britain despite a government order banning him from entering the country, and he's daring the "weak and cowardly" British government to arrest him when he gets there."
I was initially going to blog about the entertainment aspect of the stand off between the Dutch politician & the British Government.  If the British Government didn't ban this guy, then it's news worthiness would be greatly reduced.  So I figured these things happen as much for the entertainment value as for anything else. 
But then I looked into why this guy was banned.  See his movie linked to below:
Fitna Part 2 (requires Youtube account for age verification)
Leaves a bad taste in your mouth to say the least.  I can understand why the British government is anxious - but the Dutch MP has a right to express his views freely.  It is a cornerstone of our society & should be as important to us as the Koran is to Muslims.
But in saying that all Fitna does is incite anti-Islam feelings.  It's not the religion we should condemn but the people interpreting it.  The old testament of the Bible used to be interpreted more strictly than it is today. 

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

No. 1 way for Phil Goff to become unpopular...

"He also wanted to ensure that its replacement found the right balance between preventing "Exclusive Brethren-type" campaigns without unduly restricting "bona fide" campaigners."
Regardless whether Phil's point is valid or not, the mere mention of the Exclusive Brethren is enough to go into complete synapse shutdown. 
Not only did Labour beat that dead horse for far too long, they also beat the horse's ghost.
If Phil turn's the EFA debate into one about the ineffective, overstated Exclusive Brethren..... then I'm just going to have to leave the country.
Because let's face it... the only reason Labour banged on about the Exclusive Brethren was an attempt at moral equivalence for their 2005 electoral rort. 
It was wrong then - & it would be ridiculous now.  So please Phil - don't go there! 

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Labour's irrelevancy

Yesterday I asked the question - is there any point in voting for Labour given John Key's masterful ability to get the balance just right. 
It appears Kiwiblog and The Standard are thinking the same thing. 
 David Farrar:
"In fact it even makes you wonder what Phil Goff has to offer, apart from his daily whine that the Government needs to be doing more."
The Standard:
"....but when I see them putting the minimum wage up, dancing with transexuals and hobnobbing with iwi I start to think that old school reactionary right might finally be on the outs and "that nice man, Mr Key" might be the real face of National."
Irish Bill wonders why the right hasn't kicked up much fuss over National's apparent left-wing approach to certain issues.  Ignoring Irish Bill's stereotypical perception of centre-right voters (what's up with the left always doing that?) - NX-file's reckons it all comes down to style.  National has stopped the 'lunch box police', canned the idea of forcing people to buy a specific type of light bulb, and had a moderate response to the Israeli crisis as oppose to the lecturing, high horse rhetoric favoured by the former PM. 
If Irish Bill reckons Key dancing with transexuals or, Key trying to forge a good relationship with Maori are things that upset the average centre-right voter - then you really have to ask who exactly is the the prejudicious one here.....???

"I've made it quite clear that I want to run an inclusive society and that means inclusive from an ethnicity and from a sexuality point of view."
^ If there were any doubts on where the National Party Leader stands on social issues - then John Key's attendance at the Big Gay Out should put to bed any hope of a social conservative agenda.
The thing is, John Key may personally harbour social conservative views, but if you run a government with the principle that people are individuals who can do as they like, then it doesn't matter what he really thinks. 
So with a socially liberal PM enacting a free market agenda with moderate government intervention - there is currently no point to vote for Labour.  John Key has got the mix just right - something Helen tried to do but failed because she was far more ideologically driven than Key.
Though some people are never happy: 

"....the Prime Minister's attention was welcomed by many but spurned by Julie Radford-Poupard, of Pt Chevalier.

She said he had a cheek to turn up - "because he didn't support the Civil Union Bill, a fundamental human right of our community - the queer community".

^ Radord-Poupard probably isn't prepared to give John Key a chance because she's intolerant of people from the political right - an ironic contraction for anyone claiming to be a liberal.