Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Frisking The Standard on the 2008 Polls

"remember, National lost 10% during the final five months of that race, too"

The quote above is in reference to the 2008 election race.  

I don't recall the Nats dropping a massive ten percent.  I know they dropped a bit.  With the power of the internet, I can check. 
All of a couple of mins later I find the truth:

"In April 2008 – six months beforehand – Labour averaged a poll rating of 35.9 percent in polls conducted by the Digipoll, TNS, Colmar Brunton, Nielsen and three by Roy Morgan (which we have counted once, using an average of the three). This is 2 percent higher than their election day result.Using the same polls and methodology, National polled an average 51 percent – 14.9 percent ahead of Labour, and a massive 6 percent higher than what they achieved in November."