Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Who do I vote for? #voteNZ

Only three days until the election. I've made a pros and cons list of my top 5 choices but I've already narrowed it down to either Key or Brash.

John Key
Pros:  the best PM in my life time. Superb response to the earthquakes. Good demeanor & style of government (not as intrusive as Labour).  Good policy mix from the left & the right. 
Cons:  the easy choice 

Don Brash 
Pros:  my personal political hero. Not a natural politician & all the better for it. Cuts through leftie spin with clear explanations of economics and policies.  Good humour & demeanor. 
Cons: 2005 was Don's Waterloo - has his time past? He aggravates the left for some reason. Needs to embrace his social liberal side more.  John Banks.

Phil Goff
Pros:  Some surprisingly bold policies with CGT & raising the age of retirement. $5K tax free income threshold. Would probably run a less intrusive govt than Clark's administration. Hard working & a decent guy. 
Cons:  A politican in every sense of the word. Simulated.  Presents a totally unbelievable fiscal picture for NZ given spending commitments and spendthrifty Labour team from the Clark years.  

Russel Norman
Pros: Modernised the Greens with minimal blood letting. Good response to 'sticker-gate' - perhaps trying to fill Rod Donalds shoes as the honorable parliamentarian. 
Cons: at the end of the day he's a luddite and a ginga. Wants to ban everything.  Every Greenie is ultimately a hypocrite. 

Winston Peters
Pros:  articulates a point well. Really socks it to the arrogant media. Good in opposition when on your side.
Cons: a liar. Untrustworthy. Full of bull. 

Key vs. Brash

I'm torn between wanting to get Brash back into parliament & getting National a majority. 

Reasons to vote Brash:
- Would make an excellent finance minister
- The nonconformist option
- Supporting my person political hero
- Probably my last ever opportunity to vote for Brash.

Reasons to vote Key:
- Best PM in my life time. 
- A National majority govt would be good for NZ.
- A majority govt would stick it to Helen Clark and her legacy (political utu)

After much deliberation I have decided to vote for Key.  I was very proud of Key during the Chch Earthquakes & the Pike River Mine tragedy and feel I should award him accordingly.  I just hope Brash makes it back into Parliament without my vote.