Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Who do I vote for? #voteNZ

Only three days until the election. I've made a pros and cons list of my top 5 choices but I've already narrowed it down to either Key or Brash.

John Key
Pros:  the best PM in my life time. Superb response to the earthquakes. Good demeanor & style of government (not as intrusive as Labour).  Good policy mix from the left & the right. 
Cons:  the easy choice 

Don Brash 
Pros:  my personal political hero. Not a natural politician & all the better for it. Cuts through leftie spin with clear explanations of economics and policies.  Good humour & demeanor. 
Cons: 2005 was Don's Waterloo - has his time past? He aggravates the left for some reason. Needs to embrace his social liberal side more.  John Banks.

Phil Goff
Pros:  Some surprisingly bold policies with CGT & raising the age of retirement. $5K tax free income threshold. Would probably run a less intrusive govt than Clark's administration. Hard working & a decent guy. 
Cons:  A politican in every sense of the word. Simulated.  Presents a totally unbelievable fiscal picture for NZ given spending commitments and spendthrifty Labour team from the Clark years.  

Russel Norman
Pros: Modernised the Greens with minimal blood letting. Good response to 'sticker-gate' - perhaps trying to fill Rod Donalds shoes as the honorable parliamentarian. 
Cons: at the end of the day he's a luddite and a ginga. Wants to ban everything.  Every Greenie is ultimately a hypocrite. 

Winston Peters
Pros:  articulates a point well. Really socks it to the arrogant media. Good in opposition when on your side.
Cons: a liar. Untrustworthy. Full of bull. 

Key vs. Brash

I'm torn between wanting to get Brash back into parliament & getting National a majority. 

Reasons to vote Brash:
- Would make an excellent finance minister
- The nonconformist option
- Supporting my person political hero
- Probably my last ever opportunity to vote for Brash.

Reasons to vote Key:
- Best PM in my life time. 
- A National majority govt would be good for NZ.
- A majority govt would stick it to Helen Clark and her legacy (political utu)

After much deliberation I have decided to vote for Key.  I was very proud of Key during the Chch Earthquakes & the Pike River Mine tragedy and feel I should award him accordingly.  I just hope Brash makes it back into Parliament without my vote.

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Differences between 2002 & 2011


In my opinion the key difference is no Winston Peters.
When it became apparent National didn't have a hope of winning in 2002, many national voters changed horse to Winston because it seemed like he'd be a stronger voice in opposition to Helen Clark's Labour than Bill English.
There was the Peter Dunne worm-riding effect which turned a few voters from both National & Labour.
Helen Clark also faced a scandal with the whole 'corn-gate' thing where she called John Campbell a 'creep' (can't imagine John Key saying something like that). 

And to top it off MMP was still pretty new so people were experimenting. It was a perfect storm of factors which lead to Nation's lowest election result ever.

Fast forward to 2011 - the election date has been known for most of the year thanks to John Key (2002 was a snap election). Winston Peters & Peter Dunne are irrelevant. There are no significant new players. The leaders debates are only between John Key & Phil Goff - minor parties don't get a look in. The public have wised up to the workings of MMP.

And the most significant factor of them all - John Key is not Helen Clark.

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

JK's response to Goff's Top Ten List


"When it was suggested to him that Goff labelled him smug, Key responded: "I don't really care what Phil Goff thinks....I work 19 hours a day, seven days a week to try and make New Zealand a better country.""

I don't particularly like this response. It sounds like something Helen Clark would've said.

There's no question JK works damn hard - but it's important he maintains a work-life balance. Especially for a family man.

A good manager shouldn't need to work 19 hours per day.

After all the last thing I want is for JK to burn himself out - he's the best PM this country has ever had.

Thursday, November 3, 2011

The Left seek to distort social media

As we get closer to the general election #votenz all of a sudden you see a whole lot of anti-National stuff in all forms of social media which will quickly abate after the election.  I'm talking about Facebook, Twitter, blogs, and comments sections on Herald and Stuff.  It's apparent to me because I follow politics all year round.  

No doubt Labour activities, unionists, & paid lap-bloggers are working over time trying to foster the perception that Labour is on a come back. That Phil Goff is winning the debates. 

Two prominent examples is John Pagani stating Goff "absolutely smashed" Key in The Press debate.  And today 'Eddie' at The Standard stated the "Polls are good for Left". 

But a cursory look at the polls show there hasn't been much movement at all!

There's something deeply dishonest about flooding social media with essentially lies. 

While I find such distortions a bit of a morale sapper it is worth remembering that 'the right' tend to be the silent majority.  

Take for example the 2005 election.  Dr Brash achieved 39.1% (2% shy of Labour) of the vote in the face of unprecedented vitriol. And in 2008 John Key had to deal with leftie protests on the campaign trail just because he was ahead in the polls. 

So - Keep calm, carry on, trust the voters.