Court told how Korean student was throttled News - Yahoo!Xtra News

The three are alleged to have picked up Kim on the road from Greymouth to Westport on the day he was killed.

They later pulled over and pretended the car was stuck.

Mr Lange said Mr Kim was pushing the car when he was attacked from behind and throttled by Mr Flewellen and his body was later buried.

                                  A Korean student was choked to death by one of three men who had picked him up hitch-hiking, a depositions hearing was told today.

How senseless!  The murder appears to be racially motivated.  Not only did they go out of their way to pick up the hitcher, they even created a ploy that their vehicle was stuck ..... all for what, so they could murder him because he's Asian.

What gets me is they actually thought of a ploy, which indicates thinking.  The ability to envisage didn't scenarios and outcomes.   Yet they committed murder based on race.

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