Monday, October 6, 2008

This is my New Blog Name: NX-Files

NX-Files is basically a play on my username (NX) and the TV series The X-Files (which coincidentally is one of my favourite shows).

As before, I'll be simul-blogging on Windows Live Spaces & Blogger, but this time with the same blog name.


I decided that the blog names 'Brashtalk' and 'NinthFloor' were a little too obsecure and I wanted to include my username in the URL.

It's very painful choosing a blog name. This will be the last time I'm going to change my blog URL, ever ;) . NX-Files is a fairly generic and inoffensive blog-name, so it's perfect.

Even though I've settled on a blog name, I haven't settled on a platform. There are things I like about in both Windows Live Spaces and Blogger. However, in terms of user friendly-ness and customisation - Blogger is streets ahead. WL Spaces can't seem to handle even basic HTML. However I do like the uniqueness factor that comes with WL Spaces because everyone seems to have a blogger account.

Check 'em out. I'd appreciate any feed back on the design and layout of the two platforms.