Thursday, October 9, 2008

Popular and Competent



Word for word from 'Close Up'.

"What I'm putting forward this election is myself as a creditable leader of international standing who has lead New Zealand through good years and difficult years and done a good job.  I believe I can be trusted with our countries future and from what I've seen today this is a recipe for low savings and a dumb economy."

Oh Please.... get over yourself.  As far as your 'international standing' is concerned, Kevin Rudd didn't even bother to consult you before he went public with his idea of an EU style union between countries of South East Asian.  We've seen the Aussie dossier on you and they don't think much.

And just because the people of some small Pacific Island nation carried you in a wooden carriage on their shoulders doesn't mean you can let it go to your head. 

NX-Files gets the impression that Helen thinks she's too good for this country.

Only a few more weeks now before she can get that job at the UN she's always wanted and be truly appreciated as a multi-talented leader.  Speed the day!

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