Three news tonight revealed that a top Aussie Labor lawyer assisted Mike Williams with gaining access to tens of thousands of legal documents with the purpose to find something to smear John Key.  This raises a couple of questions:

1.  Did the upper echelons of the Aussie Labor party know about this? 

2.  Who paid for the lawyers time?

If our media were on to it, they would've already asked these questions and more.

Traditionally Australia and New Zealand keep out of each others elections.  The National Party need to send a 'please explain' request to the Aussie government.  After all, Kevin Rudd and John Key are going to have to work together after the election.

While on the topic of Australia, I'd would like to draw an unusual parallel between Helen Clark and John Howard.  Both tripped and fall during their respective election campaigns.  The stumbles were very uncharacteristic for both sure-footed politicians.  John Howard went on to lose the Australian Federal election in 2007.  Is Helen Clark destined to follow in his foot-steps?  NX-Files certainly thinks so.