Thursday, May 5, 2011

Dr Brash vs Hone

Yeah, the TVNZ debate.  Dr Brash did pretty well. In his typical style, Don just stuck to his well reasoned arguments rather than aggressively going after Hone - something many would've preferred.
Part of Don's appeal is being the unlikely hero. 

What struck me was Hone's arrogant body language while Don was talking.  

For my two cents - who does Hone exactly represent?  Maori make up roughly 14% of the population and there's no way he's going to get anywhere near that percentage of the vote.  So like pakeha, most Maori think Hone is a dick & won't vote for him.  So who does he represent?  The answer is himself and the Harawira tribe.  And that's pretty much the extent of it. If Hone was really an advocate for the Maori he would've stuck with the Maori party.