Sunday, May 15, 2011

Interview: Don Brash on Perigo

YouTube:  Don Brash on Perigo Part 1
Interesting to watch Dr Brash being interviewed by a hardened libertarian rather than the usual left-leaning rabble.
Due to poor sound engineering Perigo's volume was louder than Brash's which drove me nuts. 
Climate change - he's a skeptic
Civil Union - Expressed regret for voting against the second reading
YouTube:  Don Brash on Perigo Part 2
Yay, they fixed the sound issue (note the position of the microphones) .  Can actually listen to the interview.
Addresses the issue of age.  Don Brash is a role model for people wanting to have a long career.
Brash's Dad was a leftie - as was Don when he was young.
DB:  It's not true that christians have to be socialist.
DB:  Expresses anger that the left characterise the right as uncaring of the poor.
DB:  Is on the libertarian spectrum, but does not classify himself as libertarian (as do I).
Addresses the issue of John Bank's claimed 'social conservatism'.  In my opinion (IMO), if Banks is a social conservative then he's not a good fit for ACT. 
DB:  Can't guarantee he won't do something equally as silly in the future as climbing into a go-cart & walking a plank (heh ;) ).
DB:  Would be disappointed if the Brash lead ACT party doesn't get more than ten percent at the general election.
DB:  Wants to end interest free student loans.  While I agree it's a stupid policy, it happens to benefit me.  But I won't vote to keep it because what's the point in having an interest free loan is the country is going to crap & there's no good jobs.

After watching Part 1 and Part 2, of all the party leaders in NZ politics, Dr Brash probably most closely reflects my political beliefs.  Though John Key isn't to far off.  What I most like about Don Brash is that he's a conviction politician & his quiet asurring style. 
As far as my vote is concerned, this election is a battle between Key and Brash.


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