When Phil Goff was minister for foreign affairs, one of his most memorable & brazen attacks on Dr Brash (then leader of the opposition) was the release of confidential MFAT minutes.  The minutes were from a meeting between Dr Brash, Lockwood Smith, & a prominent US senator.  This is when the so-called 'gone by lunchtime' phrase was uttered.  Dr Brash didn't recall saying the phrase and it may have been Dr Smith, or the MFAT official may have been in error.Regardless, the minutes should never have been released for a political attack & Mr Goff set a very bad precedent. 
So just like with the Darren Hughes/Richard Worth affairs where Mr Goff was caught out saying one thing and doing another, Goff is again reaping what he sowed.  But the key difference with Goff's dispute with SIS officials is that it's all of his own making. 
The statement from Goff below is particularly ironic when contrasted with Goff's political attack on Dr Brash. 
"In future, I will only meet with Warren Tucker or representatives of the SIS if there is someone independent in the room to keep a true and accurate record of what is discussed."

Goff is really on the back-foot over the SIS dispute.  For one thing John Key brought it up in the house and The Standard have been usually quiet on this issue (whenever they're quiet it means Labour are in trouble).