Tuesday, August 30, 2011

When did it start to unravel for Labour?

Phil Goff reckon's that Labour's poor polling is because people aren't focusing on the issues.  But Labour's been on the ropes in terms of polling for over five years now.  

Even if Phil Goff is right & the public have been distracted for over half a decade then surely Labour must take some of the blame for this.

In my opinion the real reason Labour are in the doldrums is because of failed dirty attacks.  

It started off with Clark & Clayton Cosgrove's attempt to link John Key to the leaky homes fiasco.  It flopped big time.  I recall John Key ripping into Clayton on live radio.  

Then there was the Labour Party President Mike William's much hyped 'H-bomb' attack.  With help from William's contacts in Aussie Labor he brought back 24kg of documents from Australia but failed to incriminate John Key.  Massive, massive fail. 

Then Phil Goff himself continued the meme with his failed attempt to trap John Key over the Richard Worth affair. 

The only thing worse than Machiavellian political games is fouling them up.

Perhaps if Labour focused on the issues they'd be in a strong position today. 


Anonymous said...

Perhaps it was when Phil Goff Defense Minister sent in the NZ Army to guard a CIA black-ops torture base?