While John Key shared quality time with his family in Omaha and Bill English mixed pleasure with business in Samoa, there was no time for holidays in Labour-land.

To rub in the point, Helen Clark said of her National rivals: "They do tend to work pretty short weeks and years in my experience. I've found this job is pretty all-consuming."

In her attempt to have a dig at John Key and Bill "clever man" English over the hours they work, I think she casts herself in a negative light.  I would like the PM of New Zealand to maintain a work/life balance, just like anyone else.  If the PM has no time for herself, then to me that shows she's not working efficiently, or delegating appropriately, or is creating work for herself (she has to 'look after' the country). 
Don Brash was also renowned for his workaholic nature.  The difference with him is that he wasn't one to gloat about it, or more tellingly, use it for a personal attack.