Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Three news Journalism or lack of it


Known for Don Brash's race relations rant four years ago, tonight it was John Key's turn. However this time it was not for any policy announcement, but rather the fact that he apparently did not want the media there to cover it.

TV three's political coverage is often schizophrenic but this story was particularly annoying. 

1.  What was the point of the story?

2.  Where do they get off calling Don Brash's race relations speech a 'rant' - an emotive word which conveys an opinion.  They should just stick to the news and let the viewer form an opinion. 

Siding with Winston Peter's is like making a pack with the devil, but he does have a point about political journalism in this country.  And TV one isn't any better - remember their shocking story that someone in the National Party wasn't a fully signed up climate change believer. 

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