"What I liken this to is imagine Santa Clause sitting down and hacking into your kids bank account, transferring money out of your kids bank accounts in to his, then buying you a present with them.  And you suppose to fill grateful for that".

The statement above was typed out word for word from Dr Cullen's piece on One News.  It a breathtaking display of hypocrisy given that Interest Free Student loans, Working for Families, and 20 hours free child care are essentially taken out of your bank account and given back to you in Labour gift wrapping.  These policies that Cullen has introduced are going to be very hard for any government to drop and will only increase in cost as time goes on.  They were introduced to win votes in the short term.
Tax cuts on the other hand stimulate the economy by offering a reward for the hour's you've worked.  
On the surface John Key's decision to adopt the full WfF is disappointing.  However, as David Farrar pointed out, to develop an alternative policy without the aid of government departments is difficult.  WfF would've been developed over a period of years by experts in the public service at a considerable cost to the taxpayer.  So with that in mind it makes sense to keep the policy until you have the government departments at your disposal to develop something better (and least intrusive). 


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