Friday, July 4, 2008

Secret agendas works both ways....


Had Labour given an inkling at the last election of the premium they have had to pay to re-nationalise the railway, and the fortune it is going to cost to cover its likely losses, National's last campaign would have feasted on the information.

But now that the deed is done, the politics have changed. The purchase is the status quo and National will not dare put re-privatisation before the electorate this year, though that may be what it ultimately does with the trains if not the tracks.

John Roughan is right.  I can't remember anti-smacking, Kiwisaver, or re-nationalising the railway being on Labour's agenda last election. 
So all the unreasonable demands for National to reveal what they'll do in government should be meet with the question 'what the hell will Labour do?'.
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