John Armstrong: Denial not a good look for Labour - 24 Jun 2008 - Politics: New Zealand Political News, Analysis and Comment including 2008 election coverage - NZ Herald:

"Seeing [bad polls], voters might desert that party for other options, particularly minor party ones which might be able to constrain a National-led Government.
That was National's fate in 2002 when its vote collapsed to just 21 per cent and NZ First and United Future were the beneficiaries."

As much as I want Labour to be annihilated in the up and coming election, I want them to remain competitive for the following reasons:

1. If a National govt. looks certain, some of their vote may break off to minor parties (as what happened to Labour in 2002).
2. Some of Labour’s collapsed vote may go to Winston Peters - and no body wants that!
3. A close election engerises National and Labour's base, brings out the volunteers, and makes for a fun election e.g. 2005.

In saying that I don’t think National voters are in any mood to risk their vote, regardless what happens to Labour.

So, going by my logic, if I pollster rings and asks who am I voting for, I should say Labour – followed by twenty hail marries and a shower to try and get clean again ;).