We must go for nuclear power, says AWU NEWS.com.au

""If we are going to be a green Labor government, then we have to look at nuclear," Mr Howes told The Australian newspaper."

"Mr Carr and Mr Howes are pushing for Labor to drop its long-standing policy of rejecting nuclear power. "

"Mr Carr said nuclear power was the critical bridge between the carbon era and energy from renewable resources. "

^Not only are the Australians having the nuclear debate, but it's being debated within the Australian Labor party! Over here Helen Clark has completely shut down debate on this issue within her own party & the nation through scare tactics. It's the hallmark of this PM to put short-term political convenience over the long term needs of the country. She'd rather dick around with anti-smacking laws rather than address the shortfalls in our energy strategy. The irony is that if the lights started going out in NZed, or if the price of electricity sky-rocketed more than it has, domestic violence and smacking is bound to increase.