Saturday, June 21, 2008

Poll: National shoots ahead in Auckland


Labour is slipping further behind in the key battleground of Auckland, with National opening up a lead of 60 per cent compared with Labour on 27 per cent.

Labour voters still prefer Clark - New Zealand, world, sport, business and entertainment news on Stuff.co.nz

And in the same poll:

In a glimmer of good news for the Government, Labour has retaken the lead over National in Wellington

^hello... bureaucrat city.  But National's lead over Labour in Auckland is massive and significant.  There is a view that whoever wins Auckland wins the country.  However this isn't true because National actually won Auckland last election by a narrow margin. 

Pacific Islanders as the only ethnic group now favouring Labour over National.

^the very ethnic group that tipped the scales in favour of Labour last election.  I'm puzzled why this group supports Labour to the extent that they do given Philip Field fiasco.  Also Pacific Islanders tend to be very community based, religious and often socially conservative; hardly in keeping with Labour philosophy.  What I sense is that Pacific Islanders are perhaps ignorant to politics and vote the way their church/community leader tells them.  Labour knows this and are continually wooing/bribing the PI leaders.  I think it's a great irony that Labour's electoral success depends on the stereotype of an ethic group.