Thursday, June 26, 2008

Nandor shatters shackles of time


Nandor shatters shackles of time

"Nandor Tanczos left Parliament yesterday, saying he was going away to cleanse his soul and wouldn't need to know the time any more."

^Cleanse his soul... cleanse it with dope perhaps;).

Referring to Question Time: "It's a time when I'm most ashamed of being a member of Parliament," he said.

"You all know what I'm talking about."

That was a reference to the abusive shouting and bad behaviour that go on during question time.

^I agreed. Nandor was/is my favourite green MP. It's easy to disregard him because of his dreadlocks, but he has many positive qualities. He's not from the psychotic far left of the party and advocates negotiating with both sides of the house. He's apparently pretty onto it with IT issues. He also showed good manners in the house - his dislike of shouting matches is something akin to Don Brash.

As a non-dope smoker I respect his principled stand on the issue, and dare I say it, even his right to smoke dope.

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