Saturday, June 21, 2008

Blogspot Experiment

Today I transferred my opinion blog to Blogspot from my Windows Live Space to see if I prefer this platform.


I'm also experimenting with a new blog name.  I've another blog name in the pipeline if I don't like 'BrashTalk'.

I'll probably duel post on Windows Live Space and Blogspot until I decide which one to keep. 

As odd as it seems I actually try and stay loyal to Windows Live products.  But eventually even I get frustrated with Microsoft products and find something more user friendly.  The thing is Microsoft products have some good features but are let down by not giving their customers flexibility like having multiple Spaces under one passport account.

Other times it can be something small.  For example I battled to get the Windows Live Toolbar to work for me i.e. open search results in a new tab and the blogging feature.  I emailed Microsoft a couple of times and scoured the web for info., but eventually I gave up and use the Google toolbar.  And since I'm using the Google toolbar the natural progression is to use Google products.

Unlike many people I'm not cynical about Microsoft at all.  So when they start losing customers like me, then they should really be concerned. 

Of course in typical Microsoft fashion they'll probably suddenly improve their products (IE8 beta is just around the corner) and I may regret making the change.