Thursday, August 7, 2008

Key hits the nail on the head

Mr. Key said Miss Clark could "go for it" but National would be running a positive campaign.

"If she's going to do everything from rort the electoral law, to get (journalist and author) Nicky Hager to listen into our emails, to go out there and get young Labour affiliates to be bugging our personal conversations, well that's her style of politics."
Here Here!  To recap Labour dirty deeds (in chronological order IIRC);
- the release confidential MFAT meeting notes
- rort of the electoral law (defined as a corrupt practice in the law)
- exploiting hundreds of National's stolen emails
- Labour affiliated John Key attack blog "The Standard"
- Labour affiliated National attack blog "08wire"gb
- secret recordings
There are likely to be many more instances such as the fact John Key's rubbish has been searched on multiple occasions.  Now much of the above can't be inextricability linked to Labour but it's all rather covenant
There are a couple of possibilities for all of this;
- Labour activists are even more psychotic and 'on to to it' than anyone thought and don't need guidance from their idols on the 9th floor - who are oblivious to what is going on.
- Labour are only casually aware.....
- Labour orchestrates and drives the whole operation from the 9th floor. 
I suspect it's a mixture of the latter two.  Some of the authors for the attack blogs work for Labour in the beehive!
You can learn much about a person by how they treat their enemies.  I can't even remotely consider voting for Labour until they ditch these dirty practices or at least condemn them for what they are. 
A change in style is exactly why I'm voting for John Key - regardless of how many dead rats/fishs he swallows.