Sunday, August 10, 2008

Touchstone Quiz

After reading that the left-wing activities who infiltrated the Nats conference and quizzed MPs on left-touchstone issues, I decided to quiz myself on the issues.

I'm defining a touchstone issue as something that divides opinion. Other bloggers are welcome to take the quiz and post results on their blogs. The best way to determine your political allegiances is when you consider the issues rather than party personalities. So am I right or left - libertarian or authoritarian?

1. Civil unions: for or against?

For. If people want their relationship to be reconginised in the eyes of the law... why not. Though from a libertarian perspective I personally don't see why the state needs to validate relationships.

2. Prostitution Reform Act reform: for or against?

Leaning toward against. I hate to think this has become a genuine career choice for young woman....

3. Legalised Cannabis for or against?

Leaning toward for. Ultimately I'm for freedom of choice. But scientific evidence shows cannabis can cause genetic damage. Then again.. I drink diet coke.

4. Nuclear weapons: for or against?

For unfortunately. A necessary evil. In any other time an army numbering in the millions (China and Iran) would be out conquering countries. The only thing keeping them at bay are nuclear weapons.

5. US naval ship visits: for or against?

For - for the reason above.

6. Republic or Monarchy.

Monarchy. Because I consider British traditions part of our culture too!

7. Anti-smacking: for or against?

Leaning toward for.

8. Global warming: Skeptic or believer.?

Leaning toward skeptic. I can accept the world is warming, but the political measures to combat GW are rubbish. The elephant in the room GW activists ignore is population growth. One person = how many energy efficient bulbs...? I support reducing carbon for clean air benefits. However the ETS is rubbish.

9. Nuclear power for New Zealand: for or against?

For. Should be at least on the table - especially if the hydrogen economy comes about and to reduce carbon emissions. A royal commission of enquirer would determine if it's right for NZ

10. Genetic engineering: for or against?

For. How else are we going to feed the worlds ever going population?

11. Kiwibank: Sell or keep?

Leaning toward sell. Don't Kiwibank and Westpac et al. borrow money from the same off shore location? So interest paid on Kiwibank mortgages goes to the same off shore lender. The main argument for keeping it in my eyes is they have branches in rural locations.

12. Broadband or trains?

Broadband. Trains are so last century.

13. Electoral finance act: for or against?

Against - let the Exclusive Brethren and the unions campaign - the electorate is smart enough to sort out crap from crap.

14. State funding: for or against?

Against. But could be convinced otherwise.

15. MMP: for or against?

Against. Another proportional system please - perhaps like what the Aussies have.

16. Obama or McCain?

Obama - because I'm sick of anti-Americanism. Though I wish he was pro-free trade.

17. Minimum wage increases: for or against?

For - as long as the increases are pegged to some sort of wage growth index. Currently the minimum wage equals $26000 a year before tax (based on a 40 week). That's enough to get by, but is pretty rubbish really. But to be honest I haven't considered the economic implications.

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