New Zealand First leader Winston Peters says he is happy for the public to hear what he has to say to the privileges committee next Monday and wishes the hearing was earlier in the day so more people could attend.
Yes of course is he. 

Mr "5.6%" Peters is both irrelevant and important at the same time -  which is exactly why MMP is flawed. 

Then again, any Labour minister brought in front of the privileges committee would get similar amounts of attention.  The difference being the attention would be unwanted in the Labour minister's case.

All Winston needs is 5% of the vote, so any publicity is good publicity. 

Sure what Winston has done is hypocritical and reflects badly on himself, but the irony is that the heavy news coverage may actually help him. 

In my opinion - Winston doomed himself and his party as soon as he signed up with Labour which is the main reason why they're low in the opinion polls.  NZ 1st voters are naturally conservative.  So all the scandals surrounding Winston only cements his supporters because 95% of New Zealanders wouldn't vote for him anyway. 

I haven't blogged specially on Peters up till now because frankly he's just a sideshow.... a has been.  He had promise in 1996 & 2002, but he continually disappoints.  Many National voters who defected to him in 2002 did so on the proviso he would be a formidable voice in opposition to Labour - because at the time National sure wasn't.  But instead he spent the entire time attacking National and even more so when Dr Brash became leader.  His attacks haven't really subsided since John Key became leader. 

Winston has past up one opportunity after another.