The title Senior Counsel replaces Queen's Counsel under a law that came into force today and Attorney-General Michael Cullen has convened a selection panel for the first appointments. 

Labour's continual harping on about National's a secret agenda is really just a cover for their own secret agendas; one of them being republicanism by stealth.   

Labour has made a number of subtle changes over the years, removing crowns from logos, ditching the Privy Council, Knighthoods, and the word 'royal' where ever possible.  Now it appears Labour are ditching Queens Counsel, the designation for top lawyers, for Senior Counsel.


These terms and traditions are just as much part of our culture as they are part of British culture.  So when Labour changes these traditions to meaningless, bland, PC alternatives without consultation, they are taking away part of who we are.  Even if NZ became a republic there would be in harm in keeping the historic terminology. 


The surreptitious way this Labour government operates, practically those on the 9th floor, is a major reason why they're getting the boot come 2008!