Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Paul Holmes on Bill English

The secret recordings of Bill English and Dr Lockwood Smith reveal nothing new but perhaps the realities of being in opposition.  However, as Paul Holmes said, Mr English's comments show a lack of respect toward John Key.  This is concerning but you've got to put it into context with English's style.  His tone can often be interpreted as disparaging but is unlikely to reflect what he really thinks. 
The evidence for this is the fact he is held in high regard within the National caucus.  What this highlights is that English isn't a very good communicator - which is a major reason why he didn't do too well in the 2002 election. 
This does not change the fact he's a highly competent MP and finance spokesperson.  He has an excellent grasp of the detail.  He made an excellent education spokesperson under Dr Brash. 
One positive from all of this is that John Key is really shining at crisis management - getting on top of the situation really quickly with his message sorted.
On a general note - it's pretty sad someone snuck in a microphone and recorded private chats.  A similar thing happened at Labour's conference during a more 'public' Q & A'  with Mike Williams.  Wonder if Labour's fingerprints are on this...?