Tuesday, August 5, 2008

'The Standard' gone by lunchtime.....

.... well maybe not by lunchtime, but maybe after the election.
In 2005, National gifted Labour the 'gone by lunchtime' comment.
It's rather pointless correcting information on 'The Standard' - there are none so blind as those who will not see (plus the authors work for Helen).  Anyway, the quote above is wrong. 
Helen and Phil Goff broke a very important convention by using the notes taken by a junior MFAT (ministry of foreign affairs and trade) official during the meeting between Dr Brash, Lockwood Smith and visiting US senators.  Even if Lockwood or Brash said the comment, the context is unknown - it may have been a joke or on another topic all together.  That is why you don't release what is meant to be confidential meeting notes (Goff only release a partial account).
As a consequence political parties no longer trust MFAT officials - another Labour legacy - which is a real shame.
Labour's willingness to use confidential notes, stolen emails, and secret recordings point to how dubious and dirty that party is under H1 and H2 - which is my 'hot button' issue for why I'm not voting Labour.